Lead and Nickel Free Jewelry

Nickel and Lead Free Jewelry

We’ve all been there before, you’re out shopping or browsing online when lightning strikes and you see those amazing earrings that would tie your outfit together or the necklaces that just defines you. You’re blood starts pumping faster, you get excited and only want to know where you can get it, how much does it cost and can it be here by the weekend. The problem is one little question we are all forgetting. Is this jewelry actually safe for me to wear? If you think this sounds like crazy talk you’re not alone. I too casually dismissed the signs when the jewelry would read lead free or nickel free. Why? Perhaps because it seemed like a boring sales pitch or maybe because I really wasn’t that scared of the big-bad lead or nickel boogeyman. So is there a reason to be alarmed? Well that depends on where you are getting your jewelry.

Risks of Jewelry Containing Nickel

First let’s talk about what you need to know about lead, nickel and how it’s not your friend. The human skin is porous and reacts to irritants. Nickel has been proven to cause skin allergies that produce mild to severe reactions within 12 to 48 hours after contact. A minor reaction to nickel would be a rash, red blotches, bumps, itching or redness. The more serious side effects of a reaction to nickel is dry patches of skin that resemble a burn, blisters or pus oozing skin. Sound nasty? You bet. Fortunately most of these symptoms can be alleviated by wearing nickel free jewelry or by seeking treatment from a medical professional. A nickel allergy generally develops after prolonged or continuing exposure. Once you develop a nickel allergy you will continue to be susceptible to the symptoms and must avoid contact.

Risks of Jewelry Containing Lead 

It would be hard to find anyone surprised that prolonged exposure to lead is harmful to your health. Lead poisoning happens after there has been a buildup in the body over months or years of exposure. You may be surprised to learn that even small amounts of lead exposure can cause serious health issues. Larger doses of lead poisoning can be fatal and the effects on children can impair their development both mental and physical. The list of ailments associated with lead poisoning is long but just to name a few would include memory loss, declines in mental functioning, headaches, mood disorders, muscular weakness, miscarriages and premature birth.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry

It’s safe to say that there needs to be more consumer awareness on the dangers of jewelry containing lead and nickel. The good news is that the US and several other countries have banned the use of lead and nickel in jewelry. The challenge is where jewelry manufactured in third world countries is not held to the same standards or the regulations are not strictly enforced. If you’ve purchased jewelry manufactured in a third world country where they often make imitation jewelry, cheap costume jewelry, knockoffs, or low quality accessories you may have been exposed and should consider upgrading to something new.

The next time you’re off the beaten path shopping online or stumble across the jewelry stand at a concert and find that amazing bracelet or that ring that just catches your eye, don’t forget to make sure it is lead and nickel free. Depending on where you get your jewelry will take the guesswork out of the equation the majority of the time. Most of the jewelry purchased in the US is safe but it is up to you to ask the question when you venture into the unknown or unfamiliar.

Our Lead and Nickel Free Guarantee!

Lead and Nickle Free Jewelry GuaranteedWe’re proud to offer lead and nickel free jewelry that is safe to wear. We guarantee that the jewelry you buy from us or receive in your subscription box is free from harmful chemicals. We make sure the items we carry are safe for you or any anyone you might send our jewelry to as a gift. As you may already know, the human skin is porous and reacts to irritants. Nickel has been proven to cause skin allergies that produce mild to severe reactions. Even small amounts of lead in jewelry can cause serious health problems including lead poisoning. That’s why we take every effort to make sure the accessories you receive from us are safe and worry free. Grab one of our boxes below or shop our store for tons of lead and nickel free jewelry options.