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Bezel Box Mini Subscription

$24.99 on the 1st of each month

First payment: February 1, 2018

Jewels That Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

The Bezel Box Mini is a smaller version of the Bezel Box Subscription.  Every Bezel Box Mini is hand wrapped and filled with 2 high fashion pieces.  This box is for those who like to change it up and discover new trends.  The style of the Bezel Box Mini is a combination of our Cosmo Box, Boho Box and Icon Box.  If you like statement necklaces you’ll love the Bezel Box Mini!  The Bezel Box Mini is priced from $24.99 per month and ships free.  We pack each Bezel Box Mini with beautiful boutique jewelry that set you apart from the masses.  The Bezel Box Mini holds stunning mixed metal accessories that you can dress across contemporary and casual styles.  The Bezel Box Mini is filled with hart stopping fashions ready for you to accessorize any outfit.  Our fashion coordinators source only the most beautiful accessories that are on trend and in demand.  The Bezel Box Mini keeps you on the upswing of fashion and style.

All Bezel Box Mini jewelry is made of high quality and most importantly of extremely desirable designs.  In other words, this is your invitation to accessorize everything.

Inside your Bezel Box Mini you’ll also find a pinnable card with an inspirational quote from the industry’s fashion icons.

Here are some of the combinations you could see in your Bezel Box Mini:

Necklace + Earrings
Necklace + Bracelet
Necklace + Ring
Bracelet + Earrings
Bracelet + Ring
Earrings + Ring

Earn Bezel Box Points each month for subscribing that can be used towards a future purchase on accessories.

Shipping available to the U.S. and internationally.  All Bezel Box jewelry is lead and nickel free.

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