Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Bezel?

Bezel is pronounced [bezuh l] but if you’re still a little unsure you can click here to take a listen.

What will be in my Bezel Box subscription box?

Each month we will fill the Bezel Box with 4 to 5 pieces of beautiful jewelry. If you would like to see some examples of the types of jewelry you will be receiving in the Bezel Box check out our page Inside The Box.

What style of jewelry do you offer?

We offer 4 types of jewelry subscriptions to fit your unique style. Choose from the following:
Bezel Box Cosmopolitan
Bezel Box Bohemian
Bezel Box Icon
Bezel Box Mini

What does a Bezel Box subscription cost?

The Bezel Box subscription is $34.99 per month with free shipping for U.S. orders. The Bezel Box Mini is $19.97 per month with free shipping for U.S. orders.  If you live in the state of Texas taxes will apply.  International shipping rates apply for orders outside of the U.S.

Are there any hidden fees?


When will I receive my Bezel Box in the mail?

The Bezel Box ships so you will receive it around the 3rd week of each month. Our goal is to get you’re your subscription box by the 15th of the month. This can vary if you live outside of the United States,  Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories or have an APO box.

How do I switch my subscription to a different box?

It’ simple:
1) Subscribe to the box you want
2) Complete the checkout and payment
3) Cancel your old subscription from inside your account

Please don’t’ forget to cancel your old subscription so you are not billed for two separate subscriptions.

Which Bezel Box subscription do I have now?

You can log into your account to see which subscription you are currently subscribed to if you are unsure. If you subscribed before we started our style profiles and it only says “Bezel Box Subscription” you currently have the Cosmopolitan box.   All of our original Bezel Box subscriptions are now the Cosmopolitan box.

Can I track my Bezel Box shipment?

Yes, you will receive a tracking number in your e-mail that will allow you to track your Bezel Box once it has shipped.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. There is no charge to cancel your subscription and you can cancel at any time. Just log into your account and click cancel your subscription. You can also “suspend” your subscription which will pause it until you log back in and active it.

When will my credit card be charged for the Bezel Box?

You will be charged on the 1st of the month for your subscription box. Each month after that period you will continue to be billed on the 1st of the moth.

Why does my credit card statement show “created” next to Bezel Box?

If your credit card statement shows a line item that says “created” that means your account has been created. This also means you recently signed up and have not been billed. If you take a closer look at your statement you will see you were not billed. When you sign up your subscription membership it is considered a “trial” until the initial billing on the 1st of the month. You will be charged for the subscription box on the 1st of the month.

Can I send someone a Bezel Box subscription?

Yes. Just select the style of subscription box you would like to send, go through the checkout process and enter your gift recipient’s address in the “ship to” section for the person you would would like to receive the Bezel Box subscription.

How do I change my address if I move?

From the top of the page click on My Account and login to your account. You can update your address in your profile on this page but you will also need to do it for your subscription box. Under “My Subscriptions” click on “Change Address” to enter your new address and then hit “Save” and you are good-to-go!
Change of address
You may also edit both your shipping address and your subscription shipping address in one step. This can also be done from inside your account. Here’s how:
1) Scroll down to to My Addresses
2) Click edit shipping address
3) Enter your new address
4) Check the small box at the bottom that says, “Update the billing address used for ALL of my active subscriptions.”
5) Click Save Address
Update Address

What happens if I get a new credit card?

If you get a new credit card just log into your account, click on “Change Payment Method” and choose if you want to pay with a Credit Card or PayPal. Simply enter your new card information and click on “Change Payment Method.” That’s it! We recommend paying via Credit Card over PayPal.

Why won’t my credit card go through?

You may have an issue with your card issuer and may need to call them first to verify it is active. If you have another credit please use it for your subscription or orders. If there are no issues with your credit card please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Why can’t I order a subscription and other jewelry from your site at the same time?

Unfortunately the credit card companies cannot process this in the same order. You will have to order the subscription and the jewelry in two separate transactions. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you can understand it’s not our rule it’s the credit card company’s rule.

Do you offer expedited shipping on the Bezel Box?

Unfortunately we do not offer expedited shipping because the Bezel Box ships on schedule every month so you can count on it arriving every month around the 15th!

Can I return a Bezel Box subscription?

No. You cannot return a monthly subscription box after it has shipped. Refunds will not be issued for any returns of the subscription box. If there is a problem or issue with your box please contact us at [email protected]

Is Bezel Box available for those who live outside of the U.S.?

Yes.  Bezel Box subscriptions and Bezel Box jewelry ship internationally.

Can I return a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings I bought on the site? (NOT FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS)

Yes. Please see the returns/exchanges section of our Terms and Conditions page. Please note you cannot return jewelry from the subscription box. Refunds will not be issued for any returns of the subscription box. We take great pride in making you happy so if there is a problem or issue with your box please contact us at [email protected]

How long will it take for my jewelry order to arrive (not the Bezel Box subscription)?

Your delivery date for accessories will depend on the shipping method you chose. If you can’t find your tracking number or if you have a concern please contact us.

Can I purchase an item as a gift?

Yes. Just fill out the billing information in your name and enter the shipping information for the person you would like to send the accessories.

What is the Bezel Box Mini Subscription?

It is a smaller version of the Bezel Box Subscription which contains two pieces of jewelry every month for $19.95 and ships for free.  If you live in the state of Nevada taxes will apply.

What two pieces of jewelry will ship in the Bezel Box Mini Subscription?

Here are the possible combinations in the Bezel Box Mini:

Necklace + Earrings
Necklace + Bracelet
Necklace + Ring
Bracelet + Earrings
Bracelet + Ring
Earrings + Ring

How do I print a receipt?

You may print a receipt by logging into your account, click on “my account” and then on “view order.” From here you will be able to print out a receipt.

How do I unsubscribe from Bezel Box e-mails?

If you do not want to receive any e-mails for promotions or money saving offers just click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the e-mail sent to you.

Can I order just a monthly or yearly subscription?

Yes. We now offer monthly, 12 month, 6 month, 3 month and 1 month subscriptions.

Can I buy any of the jewelry that was in a subscription box?

If you love the jewelry and would like to buy an additional piece as a gift for yourself or a loved one just let us know. The jewelry in the boxes are limited edition but if you contact us we may have additional inventory we can sell you.

Is Bezel Box an Eco friendly company?

Yes. We only sell lead and nickel free jewelry.

Can I write reviews for your products?

Yes. Just log into your account and click on the product you wish to review. From this page you can write a review.

What is going on with your website when using Internet Explorer?

Unfortunately, due to a number of issues with Internet Explorer our website may not appear as it was designed. We highly recommend using a more user friendly and secure web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. Both of these web browsers are free and will provide you with more security while shopping online.

Why am I charged sales tax?

If you live in the state of Nevada you will be charged sales tax for your order. The law requires all online retailers to charge taxes in the state where they are located.

Do you offer any coupons?

Absolutely! Sign up for our newsletter and we will send you money saving coupon codes and promotions. You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of our home page or on our blog.

Do you ever have a sale?

Yep. I don’t want to sound like a robot but it is the same answer as above. From time to time we have sales so sign up for our newsletter located at the bottom of the home page or on the blog.

Do you have gift cards?

We don’t currently offer gift cards but we can set up an account for someone and load it with however many reward points you desire that can be use for buying whatever accessories your giftee wants.  If you would like to purchase reward points for someone just contact us and we’ll get you set up.

What if I forgot to use my promotion code?

Just contact us right away and we will try to apply your promotion code.

What if I make a purchase right before you send out a promotion code?

If you contact us within 24 hours of your initial order with the promotion code we will add it to your order.

What if my promotion code doesn’t work?

In most cases you are using an expired promotion code but if you feel there is an error please contact us and we will make sure you get the discount if there is an error in our system.

Can I use more than one discount code?

Sure. If we have multiple promotions going on have at it.

How far in advance can I order a gift subscription?

The simple answer is one month in advance. We bill for all subscriptions on the 1st of every month. You can order a gift subscription for the following month starting on the 2nd. For example of you want to send a gift subscription in June you can sign up any time between May 2nd and June 1st. That would mean your gift would ship around June 15th.

Can I cancel a gift subscription I gave someone?

Sure. Just log into your account and click on cancel subscription. Please note the cancellation will take affect for the following month. If you’ve already been billed that month (on the 1st) the subscription is in the mail and can’t be canceled or returned.

Can I send a gift message in the subscription?

Sure. When you place your order there is a section called Order Notes. In the Order Notes just let us know and we will make sure they know the gift is from you.

What if I don’t know my gift recipient’s shipping address?

We recommend asking them directly for their address and say it’s a surprise!

Can I receive the first Bezel Box to give to my recipient?

Sure. You can enter whatever shipping address you prefer for your subscription box. If you want to receive the first box so you can hand deliver it just enter your own address. After the first box arrives log into your account and update the shipping address to your recipient’s address. *IMPORTANT* Please make sure to update the shipping address for your “subscription” and not just in your profile. You will need to click on “change address” from inside your account under “My Subscriptions.”

Can I choose when the Bezel Box ships?

Unfortunately all of our subscriptions boxes go out at the same time.

Will I be notified when the Bezel Box ships to my recipient?

Yes. We will send you a tracking number each time the box ships.

Is a Bezel Box customized?

The Bezel Box ships with limited edition jewelry that we do not sell on our site.

What are Bezel Box Points?

Bezel Box Points are awarded any time you make a purchase on our site. Those points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases for accessories.

Do I earn points for subscriptions?

Yes. Each month your subscription renews you earn points.

How do the points convert to dollars?

For every 100 points you earn $1.00 towards a discount. (Example 1000 points equals $10 dollars)

Where can I see my point balance?

Just login to you account and you will see your current Bezel Box Point Balance.

How do I redeem my points for a discount?

Login into your account and start shopping. Once you find a product you would like to buy add it to your cart and checkout. When you get to the checkout page you will see your point balance at the top of the page where you will be asked if you would like to redeem your points. Click to redeem the points and they will be added to your order for a discount.

Can I redeem my Bezel Box Points towards a new subscription box or a discount on my current subscription?

Sorry. Bezel Box Points can only be redeemed for discounts on accessories on our site. Subscription boxes are not eligible for point reward discounts.

Do Bezel Box Points ever expire?

No. If you earn Bezel Box Points they do not expire.

Can I redeem all of my points at the same time?

Yes. You can save your Bezel Box Points up all year and use them all at once if you would like.

Do you give points for submitting a review on your site?

At this time we are not offering points for reviews.

Can I use my reward points to pay for shipping?

Unfortunately points cannot be redeemed to cover shipping expenses.

Are Bezel Box Points transferable to another account?

The points you earn as part of the reward program are non-transferable.

Can I use my Bezel Box Points towards a gift for someone else?

Absolutely. You can spend your points however you choose and have it shipped to someone as a gift.