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Our Style

What makes Bezel Box different from other sites is that we ship you beautiful boutique jewelry that is fashion forward, on trend above all else irresistible.   Our fashion coordinators are constantly searching for new items that are heart stopping and unique.  We don’t just want to send you accessories that are trendy, we want to send you jewelry that you will fall in love with from the moment you see it.  If it’s not unforgettable we won’t offer it in one of our subscription boxes.  We send you accessories that will make you stand out.  We don’t want our customers to have the same jewelry as everyone else.  We want you to have something different and special that others will envy you for wearing.  We make sure you are always wearing the latest styles.   You never have to search endlessly for that perfect statement piece because Bezel Box ships you heart stopping accessories right to your door, every month. When someone asks where you got that necklace or any other accessory we know we’ve done our job.   You can see more examples of “our style” by checking out our Inside the Box page.  There you can get a an idea of some of the types of jewelry you could see in your monthly subscription box along with photos of our latest subscription boxes that shipped out to our customers.

Refresh Your Style Every Month